RSW Technologies is a unique reseller and distributor of electronic components, chemicals, tools, and networking and other related equipment based in the Ottawa Capital region. The founder and owner has more than thirty years of industry experience and has long standing relationships with suppliers. These alliances and the available network allows RSW Technologies to be your procurement specialist and to offer unique sourcing capabilities at competitive prices for basically thousands of products. The company is not constricted like the typical industry supplier, as we have the flexibility to work past the constraints the usual procurement procedures.


While RSW Technologies specializes in sourcing and supplying those specific products to meet your needs, we also attempt to maintain an inventory comprised of fast movers, customer-specific items and access to quick available product. This allows for relatively short delivery time in most cases, and with competive pricing in the industry.


Our customers include all levels of government, education and health sectors, OEMs, MROs, integrators, and contractors. Our product and services can be used in many environments that include R&D, manufacturing, repair, network management and medical labs.


Our goal is to be your trusted supplier who takes on the challenges that you may face to source, procure both product and information and this is our commitment to you, our valued customer and partner.


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